2010 Solo & Small Firm Conference

[Updated September 27, 2011]

The 2010 Solo & Small Firm Conference was this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  As always, it was a very good conference.  Joe Yeckel and I presented the program “Appeals: Practical Tips and Pitfalls” on Thursday morning.  Chris Wendelbo of the BW Law Group, LLC, Chris Stiegemeyer of The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company, and I presented the program “Working for Others While Working for Yourself:  How to Build a Successful Practice with Contract Work” on Saturday morning.  Copies of the course materials and presentations are attached to another blog post.  I learned a lot, both in the programs I helped present and the other programs that I attended.  If you are a solo or small firm attorney in Missouri, you should seriously consider attending this conference next year.

Proposed Changes to Ethics CLE Requirements in Missouri

The Missouri Bar Board of Governors is considering proposed amendments to Supreme Court Rule 15 that would change the minimum requirements for continuing legal education hours devoted to professionalism, ethics, or malpractice prevention.  A copy of the proposed changes can be found here (no longer available).

Under the current system:

        Each lawyer shall complete at least three credit hours of accredited programs and activities devoted exclusively to professionalism, legal or judicial ethics, or malpractice prevention. . . .  Such programs and activities shall be completed on or before June 30, 1993, and at least every three years thereafter.

Mo. Ct. R. 15.05(f) [now Mo. Ct. R. 15.05(f)(1)].  In short, we are required to complete three credit hours of CLE programs devoted to professionalism, ethics, or malpractice prevention every three years.

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