Research & Writing

Quality legal research and writing can mean the difference between winning and losing your case at the trial or appellate level.  A thoroughly researched and properly drafted motion for summary judgment may save your client the expense of a trial while a well drafted response to a motion can preserve your client’s day in court.  My practice is focused on providing quality research and writing services to attorneys to assist them in assisting their clients.

I can provide research and drafting services regarding all aspects of civil litigation.  I have been providing legal research and writing services to attorneys throughout Missouri since 1998.  My experience and the structure of my practice allow me to provide the research you need quickly and generally for a lower cost to your client.  You can focus on other aspects of your client’s case and your practice knowing that your research and writing projects are being handled by someone with experience and expertise.

I can also provide you with the level of assistance that is appropriate to your case and situation.  If you prefer, I can provide you simply with copies of relevant cases or a memorandum detailing the results of my research.  I can also incorporate the research results into a motion or response so that you may simply review the finished document or documents before filing and service.

Please contact me to discuss any research and writing projects with which you may need assistance.