The appellate process requires both attention to detailed procedural requirements and a significant amount of time.  As a result, attorneys that do not routinely practice in the appellate courts may have difficulty properly prosecuting or defending an appeal.  In addition, the appellate process is very reliant on research and writing and many attorneys simply prefer not to personally handle their client’s appeals.  For these and other reasons, trial attorneys may benefit from the assistance of an appellate attorney.

I have both the experience and the expertise to assist you in handling your client’s appeal.  I have assisted with over forty appeals.  I was a 2002 recipient of the David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award from the Missouri Bar Foundation.  My experience in assisting with or handling appeals spans nearly twenty years as well as all three districts of the Missouri Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Missouri, and the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.  My appellate experience and research and writing skills allow me to provide the highest level of appellate services at a very reasonable cost, saving you time and your client money.

I am also able to provide the level of involvement and assistance that is appropriate for your client’s appeal.  I can provide guidance to assist you in drafting the appellate briefs, review your points relied on and brief during the drafting process, or simply be available to answer questions that may arise.  If you prefer, I can draft the appellate briefs for you to review, sign, and file.  Lastly, I can act as co-counsel and handle the entire appellate process from the notice of appeal through post-opinion motions while providing you and your client with the opportunity to review all briefs prior to filing.

Please contact me to discuss how I may assist you with the appellate process.